Live Review : Sarah Longfield : 18-07-17

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I’m ready to have another awesome night,

It is a bit weird on this occasion, because there is a big gap between the opening time and the actual starting time. Everything starts a bit slowly and quite late, but I figure out that is because there are just three artists to perform so they need to fill up a big time space lap.

The first one to get on stage is “Opium Sky”, a Metal band from London. Their music in a mix of djent, thrash and punk that gives a big space to instrumental too. One of the members is actually missing so there are just the singer/guitarist and drummer. Despite their young age, they are quite talented and I can spot between the crowds, probably couple of parents to film the entire performance. The audience is pretty still, but seems enjoying them after all.

After a little break, is the time of “Riviere” a Post-Rock/ Progressive Metal French band from Toulouse. They are one of the main musicians of the evening and I can straight away see that the audience knows and appreciate them very much. More people are in the room and we get quite close to the stage. These guys are awesome and to add on top of that their instrumental game is pretty strong. Main action comes from the two guitarists.

Last pause for the night and “Sara Longfield” is up. She plays with a mate from her band “The Fine Constant”, Steve Meyer. They are from Madison (Wisconsin) USA and this is the first time that they are in the UK. Their music mixes all together Progressive, Experimental and Instrumental styles that gives a very catchy atmosphere to the set. Sarah is a master and very talented at what she does. Everyone seems to know her very well and they are quite excited for the all performance. At the end a bunch of people queue at the merch desk to get some t-shirts and take few photos with Sarah.

The concert finishes quite early but was of much interest for me.


Words + Photos : Selena Ferro




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