Live Review : The Decoy : The Black Heart, LDN : 23/07/17

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I have quite an early start to the evening this time around. As I enter the venue, the first band is about to start any minute.

“Shaded” is a Pop Punk band from Surrey. They are pretty excited to be here and the adrenaline coming from them is pretty visible in the air. Personally I am a fan of this kind of music so I enjoy it even more. Despite all the confidence that comes from them, this is their first live show. They surely know how to own a stage.

The second act of the evening is “Oceans” an Alternative band from Brighton. The first thing that I notice is that every person in the room knows them pretty well, since they start dancing. Their performance is a mix of powerful and energetic with a distinct sound. While I listen to the music and the lyrics, I can understand that is something that comes from the bottom of their heart and therefore full of emotions. Still their sound it’s something unique and never heard before. Definitely worth giving these guys a listen!

Everyone is still buzzing from the previous band and now is the time for “Cast Ashore,” a Punk Rock band from Rotherham. It’s another nice and well done change of music of the evening. They are funny and energetic on stage and the audience enjoys them quite a lot. This is the first time that they have played in London. The crowd gave them a very warm welcome to the city.

The time is going absolutely fast and it’s now up for “The Decoy” to own the night. They are a three-piece Rock/ Alternative band from Pontypool. Even if they are the main band, it’s quite a disappointment that the crowd is reduce by roughly 10/20 people. I honestly think that they are great band with an innovate sound. A lot of energy comes from lead singer Lewis while he performs plus his jokes that he does with his band mates are quite funny.

While everyone is getting ready to leave, I make my way home.

I just wished more people come down to appreciate some good music, without leaving early.


Words + Photos by Selena Ferro


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