Live Review : Twin Red : Surya LDN : 01/08/17

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It’s another lovely evening and I head down to Surya to shoot a few exciting bands.

Surprisingly there are not too many people there, but I guess it’s because its’ still quite early. Since I’m already here I can get ready with no rush. The show actually delays of half an hour, so nothing starts before 8.00 pm.

The room is very quiet, probably up to ten people in the crowd and mostly are friends and members of the other bands. “Black Palms” is a London base band that plays a Bluesy/ Grunge Rock enriched by the melodic and energetic voice of the lead singer/bassist Bri. Their music is pleasant and very enjoyable and the best part of the performance comes on the last song, where you can feel the adrenaline in the air. It’s their first gig of the summer and also Bri’s birthday. What a nice way to celebrate a birthday.

The evening goes smoothly and it’s now time for “Another Poe” – another London based band but their music is instead a Progressive/ Alternative Rock. The thing that comes up straight away is the creativity that they own. Eddie, the lead singer, has so much energy that he is jumping on the stage during all the performance followed by singing and playing the keyboard. There are actually a very good amount of people in the room I can spot few of their friends cheering and dancing along.

Last but not least it’s the time of “Twin Red” a band based in Hannover (Germany). They are able to create a catchy and independent Alternative Rock that impresses using creative and diverse song writing. They are pretty popular in their home country and after two EPs and one album; they released their new one on May 27th call “Please Interrupt”. The audience loves them. They are very excited and happy to be here because it’s such a big opportunity for them. At the moment they are touring the UK, so make sure you catch them in some of the other dates because they are very talented.

My evening ends earlier than usual but I enjoyed myself and discovered some great new artists.


-Selena Ferro



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