Live Review : Better Than Never : The Black Heart, Camden : 14/08/17

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After a few days break, I’m ready to get back in action. For a good start of the week, I head down to the usual “The Black Heart” in Camden.

I have a quite early start to the evening and the room is already packed! The first artist to jump on stage is “Luke Rainsford” – a young man from Wolverhampton that plays Acoustic Emo/Punk music. This guy is truly amazing; he has so much energy and every song that he sings come straight from his guts and his heart. You can feel his passion in the air. The crowd know him very well and it is so nice to see everyone singing along with him.

Second act of the evening is “ICYMI” an Alternative Pop/Punk band from Gloucestershire. Their performance is explosive, infectious and energetic and lead singer Elin Allan surely knows how to own the stage. Her voice it’s great and reminds me of Hayley Williams from “Paramore”. To spice up the show they decide to play a cover of “Bye Bye Bye” of NSYNC, where the audience starts to dance with them.

Time for a little break and we move on with the show. It is now the turn of “All These Years” a Pop/Punk band from Hertfordshire. Their sound is upbeat, sun-soaked and aggressive all thanks to their music influences such as “A Day To Remember” to name one of them. As they just released their second EP “Pull it, Tug it, Love it!”, they are already working on the new one touring the UK in the meantime. Their set is unbelievably great and funny and everyone in the room really enjoyed it.

So far so good – time now for “Maypine” a Pop-Punk/Alt-Rock band from Brighton. Formed in mid-2016 they have rapidly progressed through the Brighton scene, established themselves as one of the most exciting new Pop/Punk bands in the UK. They have a fresh sound with upbeat and catchy melodies. The crowd is already warm up, but with them people start to head bang and open up to a big mosh pit. These guys have the talent and the energy to go even further in their career.

It’s hot and everyone it’s sweaty but ready for the main act, “Better Than Never” a Pop/Punk band from Oxford. The duelling vocalists and the guitarists make a huge impact on the killer sounds of this band. The audience is on fire and I can spot some of the other artists in the front row, having the time of their lives singing along with them. They are superb and by the intensity of their performance, it’s very difficult not to dance.

It is a good way to end a kick ass gig!


-Selena Ferro




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