Firstly, how could we resist writing about a band that have such a great name.. (we may be biased)

And secondly…how great is it that this 5-piece hailing from Birmingham are also incredibly talented and geared up with a summery track that is the perfect addition to our playlist!

Now I know, the weather doesn’t always play fair, but it IS summer right? And we all know that Summer requires feel good tracks that you wanna relax in the garden too whilst also jump around too? …Well if you don’t know what I mean then let me present you with a song that will make you understand!

Spilt Milk Society’s new single ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ is “the ice in my lemonade” and the perfect dose of indie-pop that we need.

Intimate raw vocals that contrast a hazy guitar-line open the track, building you with a state of relaxation before the drum kicks in and lifts the track to that classic upbeat, but still as delicate, indie rock sound. A cocktail of inescapable vocals mixed with an almost MGMT arrangement and Swim Deep energy make this to be a cool distinctive sound.

Such a strong and perfectly designed track from the Spilt Milk Society, that captures their sound and balances it with that indie direction, fans wont be able to get enough of this refreshing sound- so let’s hope these guys keep up the good work!!

Check out their new single here:  soundcloud/SpiltMilkSociety
Spilt Milk Society Single Artwork.jpg



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