Single review : Don’t : Eyes To The Skies

‘Don’t’ – A brand new track from alt-indie rock four-piece Eyes To The Skies dropped this week, on the 18th of August to be exact, and it also dropped into the Spilt Milk inbox for review too!

‘Don’t’ is your 2017 quintessential indie rock track, delivering everything that you would want and expect from a gritty yet bouncy artist like this. It’s pretty upbeat and fast paced from the go, with a contented guitar riff that hums throughout. It suggests the guitar work leans on influence from some early Green Day and rock artists that follow suit, which gives this track a more punk-y bite. This is reflected in all aspects of the track, with the boyish vocals pulling it into a more indie realm. The pace keeps up through the track and it will probably shine live, as it has the energy and kick to encourage a crowd to up the rowdiness.

These boys have just landed a support slot on The Sherlocks upcoming tour for the Southampton date! The Sherlocks are rising stars of the genre at the moment, giving supports like Eyes To The Skies a fantastic platform! We will definitely be keeping an ear to the ground for these guys over the next few months!


Catch them with The Sherlocks on the 21st of September (Southampton 1865) and check out ‘Don’t’ now!


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