Single review : Londons Children : Femuline


Photo : Femuline by Ben Breading

Debut track ‘Londons Children’, from the (you guessed it) London based Femuline, surfaced online earlier this month and dropped into the Spilt Milk inbox for review. I’m not going to lie – this track and this band fill me this intrigue. What draws me into ‘Londons Children’ comes in two forms; firstly the track itself, but secondly these guys as artists.

‘Londons Children’ clearly draws influence from darker, synth-saturated 80’s romance, yet Femuline have given it a contemporary spin to create a track that is pretty unique. Musically it isn’t complicated or flamboyant, remaining sweet with a gentle pulse that keeps it chilled yet consistent. The vocals come with a rasp of effortlessness that, again, leans on the 80’s for inspiration – I can’t help but hear hints of Robert Smith in the bite around some of these lyrics. This track is definitely atmospheric and I can imagine that live it would come across rather powerful. Lyrically however, I feel it’s too simple – though the minimalism of it does express what these guys, as artists, want to convey. This does allow the meaning and passion behind this track to take the leading role. It’s fair to say that I am getting more and more addicted to this track with each listen.

Femuline emerged online recently, initially appearing a little mysterious, yet they had their image and ethos nailed from the off – which has given them a platform for their music to flourish – all we need now is more.

As a whole they stand for self-expression, with a handwritten statement on twitter embodying what they are, and standing as a fantastic introduction to what they are about. ‘An individual who obtains both feminine and masculine qualities + doesn’t associate specifically with either one.’ You can tell through the way that Femuline is presented that it’s not just about the music, and they are hear to act as a voice for anyone that relates to what their tracks say and mean.

Their sound is unique and what they are about is very current and relevant, it’s refreshing to hear self-reflection come through in a track like this. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys and seeing what journey their venture will take them on.


Check out Femuline online and listen to ‘London’s Children’ here;






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