Live review : Daxx & Roxanne : The Black Heart, London : 18/08/17

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What better way is there to spend a Friday night than at a gig? Well here I am once again at The Black Heart. It’s kinda became one if my favourite places for gigs! I make my way in and after a little bit the singer from “Eliphant” comes to introduce himself and we have a little chat.

The clock is ticking; it’s now time for the show to begin. As mentioned the first band is “Eliphant” a Punkadelic Rock band from London. The band was born in North London this spring but this trio are already very close and work together perfectly. They manage to combine psychedelic garage tones and punk urgency with a modern twist. All their songs are inspired by the city life, from night illusions to blunt realities. The love for what they do and their complicity it’s very visible on stage. The room starts to get fill of people that are calmly enjoying the good music.

The next up is “Mongrel Dogs”, a Rock and Roll band from London. Their music has influences spanning several decades and nationalities, touching three continents – to create an infectious, hi-energy experience. These guys gravited to London to pursue their careers in music and the power of internet put them together. The one thing I can say about these guys is that they are pure energy and bloody good Rock and Roll. The crowd is literally going mental and enjoying every single moment of their performance. It is unbelievable how they own the stage and make everyone feel at home. To give a twist at the night, at one point they decide to all go shirtless as the old Rock and Roll legends used to do. At the end of their set the crowd wants more and, at the screaming “one more song”, they come back on stage.

The night goes smoothly and we are now waiting for “Daxx & Roxane” – a Hard Rock and Roll band from Montreux, Suisse. They are a ticking time bomb of raw Rock n’ Roll power and crushing heavy riffs. These guys own such a big strength that resides in the passion and energy that they manage to deliver on stage and the power of their sound that mix the Hard Rock attitude to the savageness of Heavy Metal. I can see that some people in the audience start head banging, others starts jumping around and singing along with them. To spice things up, one of them takes out a bottle of Jack Daniels and starts to pour it down to the mouths of the people in the crowd. As happened for the previous band, at the end of their set the crowd screams once again “one more song” and they run back on stage for an epic last song.

Each band played a quite long 45 minutes set and managed to involve the audience very much, like it should always be.


-Selena Ferro


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