Live Review : Misfires w/ Getrz + The Sulks : The Vic, Swindon : 31/08/17

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Swindon’s doing pretty well on the Indie band breeding front, with both Misfires and YVES making a name for themselves up and down the country. On the eve of their headline UK tour, Misfires return to Swindon’s humble venue, The Vic, for a hometown send off; the line up is complete by two other local bands, The Sulks and GETRZ.

First band of the night is GETRZ. There’s a split between their sound: one half of their songs are modulation drenched and packed full of emotion, whilst the other half are riff based dance tunes with a perfect balance of punk intwined. The crowd loved them, and for good reason. These boys pack the show with energy and great interaction – start to finish; a cold bath probably was on the cards afterwards. Could the energy GETRZ give off be the solution to global warming?

Next up was The Sulks, hotly tipped by This Feeling, also starting to branch out further like our headliners and YVES. What you have with The Sulks is a group of fantastic musicians and two fantastic singers. The vocals of James and Rhys layer together fantastically. Again, a variety within their sounds, with some Nada Surf esque songs, and some that sway into the more familiar indie territory. Highlight of their set being song AB, which was highly impressive.

Lastly was time for Misfires. Despite being a Thursday night showing in Swindon, fans had travelled and merch was being worn in the audience. The lads rallied back and forth between the hits that their devoted fanbase loves them for, and new tunes which bring just as much to the table. New tune Indie Kids, seemed to kick up a storm with the fanbase indicating no slowing of momentum to Misfires rise. The following morning they were announced as tour support for Bristol based Coasts, another indication that Misfires are really solidifying themselves on the national scene.


-Photos + words : Nick Tucker




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