Live Review : James Letta : Surya, London : 31/08/17

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When you are doing this job you tend to have some venues that you really like, and Surya is one of them. So I’m glad to be down there again tonight. This is a special night, because “James Letta” has his album coming out at midnight, so we are all down to celebrate this success with him.

Let’s say I’m very excited for the show and can’t wait to get it started. The first artist to get on stage is “Amber Peri”, a British upcoming urban pop singer and songwriter that also plays the keys. At this time the venue is still quite empty, but this young girl starts her performance with a chin up. She is helped by a talented guy, Leo, on the percussions. Her voice is amazing and despite her young age, she is really good in what she does.

After a nice break, it’s now the turn of “Danny Wright”, a self-taught, self-made singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor from North London. With the past of frontman of rock bands is now a solo artist with a Pop-Punk, Pop- Rock sound and intensely personal songs. I can notice straight away that he is very confident on stage and his music it’s super catchy and makes you want to dance. The crowd starts to become a little bigger and everyone is enjoying the performance.

Second lady of the night on stage. “Lucy Mair” is a singer and songwriter. Her music combines jazz-influenced pop melodies with thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics. She performs using a keyboard, adding a loop pedal to build up driving rhythms with lush and complex vocal harmonies. She is literally amazing; she left me speechless and very surprised by her talent.

And now, the time has come; “James Letta” owns the stage. He is a singer, songwriter and producer based in both Nottingham and London. He plays piano and keyboard since the age of 7, his music is a mix of contemporary R&B, Funk and Soul. The moment he jumps on stage, I’m blown away by his great talent and the energy he has during his performance. The room is full and the audience is clearly excited about the all thing that starts singing and dancing. Since the night is about the new album, he plays a one hour set with two acoustic moments that are full of emotions.


I’m glad I could take part at this show and have the opportunity to shoot these talented artists.


-Words + Photos : Selena Ferro


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