Live Review : Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever : Moth Club : 12:09:17

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I’m down for the evening at “Moth Club” in Hackney. As soon as I enter the venue, I can feel a pleasant atmosphere and I direct myself to the main room. By surprise, it is quite big, has very good lighting and is surrounded by red sofas with tables that remind me of an old American diner. And as a plus of every venue, there is a small bar on one side.

I know the show is sold out, so I’m quite excited to see how amazing will be.

While I look around, the first band “Mush” are sound checking, which is always one of my favourite parts to see. After about half hour the room start to get filled with people ready to start their Tuesday evening.

Since there are just two bands playing, the start time is a bit late. So here is “Mush” a four-piece band from Leeds. Their music is an influence of raw wall-of-noise 90s Alt-Rock. The driving rhythms are perfectly complemented by ragged solos, nagging catchy hooks and the singer’s yelps and screams. The songs are quite long and give a big space for the instrumental parts. The audience is warming up and enjoying the show.

Time for a little change of scenario and it’s time for “Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever”, a Tough Pop/ Soft Punk band from Melbourne, Australia. This is the last night of their UK/ European tour where they are promoting their second EP “The French Press”. This new work is a level up on everything they made and a way to attract more fans to love their music. Through their performance I can feel the relentless energy that carries every one away. Everyone is fully into their music and starts to dance, jump and scream. It is so nice to see a lot of people coming down to show their welcome to these guys.

It is such a big turn up to end a tour in an explosive way like this one, before heading back to Australia. British people are surely showing them their love tonight.

It was such an amazing music discovery.


-Words + photos : Selena Ferro


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