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What a wonderful EP to review, ‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’ is the new release from Deal hailing, The Young Hearts. As a whole it’s pretty exciting, embodying a youthful vibrancy in these big tracks. So here is what we thought…

The first track, ‘Bloom’, starts soft, with the harmonious guitar drawing you in before bursting into a fuller sound. The intro on this track alone makes a statement about The Young Hearts; it sets you up nicely for the rest of the EP. The vocals are melodic, yet have a bite of passion around them, which is strengthened with the support of emotive backing vocals. The whole thing, for me, channels the likes of Moose Blood – leaning on a new era of emo-pop-punk. ‘Bloom’ carries a big chorus and overall it sounds pretty. It pulls back a little here and there, yet keeps the upbeat pace throughout the track.

The next track ‘Medicine’ throws you straight into the deep end, this time showcasing softer vocals that are backed with a driving guitar melody. Already this is a well-written, catchy track that could easily spark a sing along. It carries that full sound which was set up in the first track. ‘Medicine’ feels like a song that will sound incredible live. The EP showcases some ready-made anthems and their sound is deserving of big venues filled with big crowds. This track pushed more passion behind the sound as a whole, then twisting into a breakdown later in the track that creates an atmosphere before ripping through with distinctive guitars.

Next up is the leading single from ‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’ – ‘Smoke’. It’s high energy from the go and it stands as a staple track for these boys. It pulls back the vitality through the first verse, letting the vocals shine through – emphasising the passion while remaining sweet and melodic. The chorus here is upbeat and catchy, proving to be probably my favourite track from the EP. ‘Smoke’ has a certain youthful feel to it that’s major refreshing. It’s a big track with a big sound.

Blending smoothly from ‘Smoke’ is the last track on the EP – ‘October’. It pulls back the urgency for a much softer intro while still building the sound but carrying a much slower pace. This track is super atmospheric and has more of a slow build to it. It’s beautifully crafted and still embodies the full sound that is present through the EP. ‘October’ makes a great addition to the EP as a whole, changing the pace and showing the diversity of their sound.


– Courtney Brock



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