Live Review : The Sherlocks w/Misfires + Farebrother : SWX Bristol : 20/09/17

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As you should know by now, The Sherlocks have nailed their own brand of indie rock and armed with an arsenal of ready-made anthems, it’s safe to say we were not surprised to see SWX Bristol packed pretty much full. (Even on a school night!)

The crowd, consisting mainly of young teenagers, were already dancing and singing along to popular indie tracks that were being played on the PA and were full of energy, raring to go.

First up was Farebrother, a local band from Bath whose enthusiastic set opened up the show brilliantly. Next on support were our boys in Misfires, who we were naturally excited to see play a venue like this. Although it was a big difference for us to see them on a stage this size, they seemed right at home and kicked off their set with crowd pleasers like ‘22’, ‘Tonight’ and of course ‘Indie Kids’ (they definitely know their audience). With some dedicated fans singing along to every word and the rest of the crowd pulling off brilliant dance moves- these guys did themselves proud.

Both bands were great and had all the fans warmed up whilst waiting for The Sherlocks to step on stage, the atmosphere was insane with a constant buzz of energy filtering around the packed out room.

After what felt like forever to these loyal fans, The Sherlocks took to the stage and instantly kicked it up a notch with ‘Last Night’, hooking the crowd from the go. Tracks like ‘Escapade’ fed driving guitar into the atmosphere with an inescapable beat that had us all “dancing all night when the lights start to flicker.” Wonderful harmonies coalesced with cool stage presence made this set perfection perfection. ‘Will You Be There’ is always a highlight for me, as my favourite track – with brilliant sing-along lyrics which had us all shouting “when the rain starts pouringgggggg, will you be thereee” and pushing the crowd to create dance circles, (there’s just something so infectious about this track.)

Bringing something different to the set came ‘Candlelight’ which saw the crowd throw their lighters in the air, although a bit cheesy it was memorable- this track and ‘Turn the Clock’ slowed down the set and showed off the range of Kiaran’s beautiful vocals. The gig had to come to a close but not before the audience-anticipated ‘Live for the Moment’ and ‘Chasing Shadows’ which blew up the venue with sheer energy, visible in the crowd as they sang their hearts out and danced like mad for the last time, ending the night on a high. Both tracks are huge tunes and bought the show to a close in the best way possible.


Words : Becky Woods / Photos : Courtney Brock


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