Whilst at the Frog fest, we decided to catch up with and interview one of our local favourite bands- All Ears Avow.AEA FROG FEST 15.09.17 006.jpg

With having recently been signed to ‘Imperial Music’ we were dying to know how this came about and what this means for the band:

C: “They approached us, how cool is that!”

S: “Yeah I think they had heard of us for a while”

C: “In means of moving forward it just means bigger and better tours, we’re going to be releasing a few singles before our next EP, working with a good producer so yeah… all you need to know is that we’re writing at the moment!”

So lots of stuff in the pipelines for us to look forward too!

We were also interested to know how their recent run of shows went and which venue was their favourite:

JW: “they were all good, it was a good tour- playing loads of different places, new places”

S: “Some we’ve never played before too, which was cool”

JW: ”All good for different reasons, the Boston venue was pretty cool- plus the venue has been there since forever…

C: “ since the birth of Jesus Christ”

S: “obviously The Vic is basically..”

C: “..our home! We love it”

Having also played Fat Lip this year, how was it?


C: “We played early on in the day but it was amazing and the crowds response was incredible, a great line-up to be a part of!”  

It’s fair to say these guys have had a busy summer and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year!!

As an addition to our interviews from now on we have a new and exciting game called ‘The two name game’, and basically we ask a question that has two answers and then the person answering it will give two answers (i.e-names of people) without saying which name is answering which part of the question.

For Example:

We asked Jake from AEA who his favourite member and least favourite member of Spilt Milk is- And his answer was “Courtney and Becky.”

(And so it begins our ever-lasting debate of who IS his favourite and least favourite!)

Anyways we got the lovely people in All Ears Avow to give it a go and this is how it went:

Q1: Who is the most and least talented member of the band?


Joe: “Jake and Claire”

Claire: “Well we both know which is which for that one… haha!”

Claire: “Jake and Claire”

Sean: “…yeah, I agree with that statement”

Jake: “ Most talented is probably myself, I don’t care about the rules! I want them to know! …and I hate the other 3 as they’re all average.”

Q2: Who is the most and least hard working?

Jake/Joe: “This is horrible!!”

Claire: “Claire and Joe”

Sean: “Claire and Joe”

Jake: “Oh I agree!”

Joe: “I agree with those names”

 Q3: Who is the most and least stylish?

Jake: “Jake and Joe. Easy”

Claire: “I was going to say Jake and Sean!”


Claire: “Exactly, he’s not actually stylish”

Jake: “that’s fair”

Zoe: “I like what Sean’s wearing!”


Sean: “I’m gunna say Jake and Joe”

Joe: “Me and Jake”

Q4: Your favourite and least favourite emerging band?


Claire: “A Way With Words and Rewire The Time Machine”

Joe: “Rewire the Time Machine and Ten Tombs”

Claire: “HANG ON!”

Sean: “I’m going to agree with Claire”

Jake: “Rewire The Time Machine and A Way With Words”

Sean: “I’m changing my answer to Elessar and Elessar”

Jake: “Yeah they’re a bunch of arseholes too!” *whispers* love you boys really”

Big thanks to All Ears Avow for playing ‘the two name game’ – we just hope we haven’t caused too much damage within the band!

AEA FROG FEST 15.09.17 016.jpg


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