Single Review : Seventeen : Future Kings


September is a fantastic month for new releases and here’s one that certainly doesn’t fall short of the mark – it’s called ‘Seventeen’ and it’s from the newly renovated Future Kings! (Formerly Muchos Tequilas Later, but now with a refreshed name and line up and shiny new tracks.)

‘Seventeen’ starts off by showcasing intricate guitar work that hooks you instantly, before pulling back to allow the vocals to hit through with more impact. The pace in this track varies, like two currents of the ocean meeting – this blend creates a contrast that really works, with the vocals and beat feeling slower and more emotive while the brash guitars burst through to create that contrast. The chorus is powerful and catchy; it’s beautifully layered and carries passion behind it. The energy of the track surges through the chorus, twisting and turning the track around which holds your attention throughout. Lyrically it’s very well written too, which makes for an interesting listen. Building energy through the track, it leaves you on a high and wanting more!

Overall I enjoy this track, both on record and live as it conveys that driving energy at its best. Keep an eye out for these guys on the local scene.




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