Danish trio, Nelson Can, deliver a truly unique blend of brilliantly modest, yet powerful, indie-rock. The whole EP showcases a dynamic sound that links each track with its emotional undertones.

“Break Down Your Walls” starts off this EP with a haunting baseline and the hushed vocals (which resemble artists like Florence and The Machine) are beautifully edged with an ominous tone- matching with the lyrics “let all your feelings flow freely but don’t get emotional.” Beautifully menacing, the lyrics in this track instantly resonate that soft urgency, reinforced by that probing beat. Truly understated but powerful and probably my favourite track from the EP.

Stripped back “Downtown” enchants you in with its baseline and whispered verses that contrast with the weighty chorus. It’s built up vocals of whispers, screams and “ah ah ah’s” add to the overall menacing track.

Followed by the equally enchanting “You Are Digging Your Grave” which leans into a darker and more intense track.

“Miracle” begins with a progressive electro beat (the sort you’d expect in a Swedish House Mafia track) before monotone vocals with the repeated lyrics I don’t want you to think I am crazy. It’s that you made me go a little bit insane”, and just when you think this track will continue their eerie sound, it bursts with a dynamic change of vocals and almost instantly you’re reenergised and tapping your foot along to that demanding baseline. Big tune. That full sound has you hooked on their sparkly feel.

“Move Forward” keeps that uplifting sound and Royal Blood energy that resonates in the powerful lyrics “move forward.” As the song peaks, the motivational lyrics sing out “Even if you can’t run, if you can’t walk, if you can’t crawl. Move forward!” not only is this a belter of a record, but I bet it would be insane to hear live!

“Stonewall Frank” is like no other on the EP, with urgent and more rocky vocals whilst still possessing that electronic baseline and elements of those deeper/husky vocals. Boasting high-energy attitude, this track ends the EP in contrast to how it began, a fitting way to showcase all these girls can do.


Nelson Can bring an undeniably fresh approach on the rock genre, fusing pop and electronica to produce a number of enchanting numbers.

EP3 is out now via Alcopop! Records, find it here

These girls are a must see and luckily they’re returning to the UK for a run of shows with JAWS! (See Below:)

Nelson Can UK Dates supporting JAWS :

17 November Sub 89, Reading
18 November Engine Rooms, Southampton
19 November Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
21 November The Globe, Cardiff
22 November The Fleece, Bristol
23 November Waterfront, Norwich



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