Deaf Havana will be releasing the special reworked edition of ‘All These Countless Nights’ tomorrow (27th October) on So Recordings!


Following their recent release and a busy summer, these guys have notched it up a gear with a whole rework too! Now if you’re a big fan of their work, you (like me) may be uncertain about a rework but these guys are genius.

Bringing new life to their tracks, with a more mellow feel that emphasizes the brilliant narrative behind each track; taking you on that journey of self help all over.

Unlike the original, ‘Ashes to Ashes [reworked]’ keeps that focus on the haunting vocals with soft and stunning instrumentation throughout, gradually bringing in the strings to build and intensify the lyrics perfectly. If the rest of the tracks are as unique and well crafted as this, then we’re in for a treat.

Slowed down and stripped back, ‘Trigger [reworked]’ drops that power but oozes emotion and wires in more focus on those melodic aspects, and intricate guitar lines.

‘L.O.V.E [reworked]’ keeps that groove and dials it down on the heavy guitar to breathe in beautiful instrumentation and pairs it with softer vocals that give it a soulful tinge we didn’t hear before.

Happiness’ was a gorgeous and softer track anyway, reworked it takes us back to their older tracks, with a pool of emotions fed into those brave lyrics “it eats away at everything, but mostly love” bursts with orchestral backing lifts the track to a new level of poetic and musical beauty.

Fever [reworked]’ is almost unrecognizable without those heavy guitar elements; enriching the track with a piano baseline and layered delicate guitar with those usually rough and ready vocals are subsided for a softer and emotive approach.

Completely different from previous tracks, ‘Like a Ghost [reworked]’ has a whole new arrangement, mashing orchestra elements with a steady drumbeat for a richer sound.

‘Pretty Low[reworked]’ looses that upbeat groove in the instruments but adds in layered vocals and erupts with passion and more emphasis on the instruments alone. Soft and stunning, I advise you listen to this one loud just so you can appreciate the power of this softer style.

Catchy upbeat rhythmic guitar (think Ed Sheeran) begins ‘England [reworked]’ and although I prefer the original intro I feel the fast guitar work on this version is better suited for this, now, infectious track.

‘Seattle [reworked]’ slow and heartbreaking “you’re so far away”, pulls at those heartstrings with relatable lyrics and perfectly matched acoustics.

‘St. Pauls [reworked]’ brings that intricate guitar, we loved in tracks like ‘The Past Six Years’, and pumps in some country influences to produce an upbeat toe-tapper, which matches that feeling of escapism “I got a past I want to leave behind.”

If I didn’t know better I would have pegged ‘Sing [reworked]’ as foot stomping ‘Hey Ho’ (by The Lumineers) almost unrecognizable, except of course for James’ infectious voice.

I’ll admit I was dubious about this track being reworked, mainly cause I loved the original arrangement so much, but my god, it’s stunning. This reworked version finds the track stripped back of that heavy guitar riff and overall grit and fuelled with honest and heartwarming vibes.

The lyrics feel less desperate with more of a feel good and motivational vibe, surrounded by that styled acoustic guitar is perfect. That harmonious chorus expands the track into a different but just as powerful anthem, with guitar twangs to end.

To end ‘Pensacola, 2013 [reworked]’ keeps that upbeat vibe and captivates the track with an unexpected electric guitar riff that cuts through the acoustic base and adds that dynamic lift, returning to that acoustic guitar before ending.

Overall, Deaf Havana have nailed this rework, achieving completely different arrangements on all tracks with a more mellow sound that spurs more heart and soul into their sound (if possible), breaking down some of the heavier tracks into uplifting tracks.

Pre-orders are available now, go get them here!


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