Live review : Jack The Envious : Surya, London : 26/10/17

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There is no better feeling than getting ready to take photos of bands that you’ve shot before. I think this could be one of the main reasons to improve your skills with the same artists. Add to that the fact that I’m at Surya in London again and you just have the perfect night.

To start off the night, the first band to performing is “Oceans” an Alternative band based between London and Brighton. With my pleasure this is the second time I see them live and I can confirm that they are even better than the first time. Clearly visible to everyone is the energy and the power of this band and lead singer Zach Silver gives an amazing groove to the performance. Such a distinct sound to create the great atmosphere.

By now the crowd is warmed up and ready to move on with the show. Second in line is “Amongst Thieves” a 5 pieces Post Hard-core band from York. Their music is a mix of intense and hooky vengeful anthems and epic crafty atmospheric moments, all punctured by lead singer Josh Nash’s versatile vocal range. To make their set more hard-core, the lead singer decides to perform off stage by interacting with the audience even more. These guys are pretty good and they have the power of making me like their music even if I’m not a big fan of that genre. Hopefully they will grow more and more.

The show must go on so we have “From Inside” – an Alternative Metal band from Liverpool. They formed in 2016 and their aim is that they want to offer their fans something which will help them persist through dark times. Their music takes inspiration from Bring Me the Horizon and the earlier Linkin Park and it is driven by the blend of distorted guitars with emotionally driven orchestral, electronic and atmospheric backings. I notice that to differ from the other bands they add two spotlights on the floor of the stage and two billboards at the two side of the stage. Seeing everyone in the crowd enjoying them makes me feel part of the night.

Last but not least, here we are the main act, “Jack the Envious” a Post-Hard-core/Alternative/Punk band from Israel that moved to London. It is always such a pleasure taking photos of these talented guys. Since July they grown and they are currently on a tour around UK with two of the bands from tonight’s show. I can see that they have already few dedicated fans that come down to every show. Everyone loves them and is partying with them.

My evening turned out amazing and I’m quite happy that I had the chance to be there.


Words + photos : Selena Ferro


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