Live Review : The Decrees W/ Underneath the Lights, The Plastic Mac + Messed Up Youth : PJ Molloys, Dunfermiline, Fife Scotland : 28-10-2017

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A spooky dark night at PJ Molloys, where devils, witches and zombies gathered for The Decrees ‘Sons of Rage’ single launch. The crowd started to fill the floor as indie rock band, Underneath the Lights came on stage with their outstanding cover of ‘Rock and Roll Star’ by Oasis. Their set was intertwined with an element of indie pop which created a bouncy, electrifying vibe and had the audience up dancing for the rest of the night. The five piece band are clearly all about the beat, all aspects flowing together professionally, creating rhythms you just have to tap your feet to. Highlights from their set have to be the covers of ‘Whistle for the Choir’ and ‘Same Jeans’; both contrasting in sound and pace but still holding so much passion and dimension. With an EP to soon be recorded and a headliner gig in November, Underneath the Lights are ones to watch.

Up next are The Plastic Mac, with their welcoming presence and incredible energy, they are becoming one of my favourites on the local scene. The dynamic five piece can never disappoint, stripping it back to a raw, fresh sound and being the definition of rock and roll. Glad to see frontman Sean Sneddon hasn’t lost his moves and emphasising his lyrics with his tambourine. From the last time I had seen these lads, they’ve mixed up their set list but still highlighting the night with the iconic cover of ‘Helter Skelter’ by The Beatles. Although the song has been covered by a variety of bands such as Oasis and Motley Crue, The Plastic Mac have put their own twist to it with a grungy undertone. The smooth change overs from covers to originals kept the hype of the audience up through the whole set. Their lyrical skills will soon be shown through their upcoming EP, as the lads have been working hard in the studio recently, and have lots more to come. Can’t wait to see these boys again!

The three piece band, Messed Up Youth were next up on the bill. This trio are a punk rock band with a large following through the locals. Their set gradually built up atmosphere and the frontman began to move with the music and worked the audience. From a slow, slightly stilted start the tension broke when the drummer’s enthusiasm managed to decapitate the cymbal. Various folk jumped to his aid whilst the band kept the crowd dancing. The vocals were so strong at some points they tended to overpower the guitar. Despite the instrument malfunctions, the band still managed to smash their set (literally) and had the crowd chanting their name by the end.

This is what the crowds been waiting for the whole night, the 4 piece band The Decrees hit the stage with full energy. Their new single ‘Sons of Rage’ has a slight contrast to their other songs, with a new groove and a definite folk jazz vibe. They’ve used their talent, having loops and reels, and incorporated inspiration from Scottish folk music to create a refreshing, spirited hit. A lot of the set was based around the frontman’s performance, especially within their track ‘P.E.R.V’, which will soon be followed up with a release of a music video. The band later played their favourite live song ‘105’ which has a fast pace and increased their stage presence with enthusiasm. Frontman, Lewis Akers, explained that “It’s all about driving an aeroplane during the nuclear holocaust. The pilot is feeling more alive than ever because he’s on the edge of death and the edge of a dying world. All he can feel is the adrenaline pumping through his body. In some way the song is so full on it makes us all feel the same way.” Akers proved his point right, with his exaggerated moves, bouncing from one end to the next and into the crowd at every chance he could get. Through their whole set there was a lot of audience participation and interaction, ending with a request of a crowd invasion, everyone gathering to the stage. The Decrees are off to record and release a new single, and I’m sure there will be plenty more of them in the future.


Words + Photos : Cheyenne Sherwood


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