Live Review + Interview : Wallflower w/Muskets + Ten Tombs : Level 3, Swindon : 25/10/17

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Level 3 seems to be building its status in the Swindon live music scene as a bit of a hub for statement gigs and artists to pass through. Recently playing host to some of our favourite artists like Boston Manor, Casey, WSTR, Inheaven and so on. This show should surely be no different as it provides the venue for the first night of a Wallflower/Muskets headline run. Unfortunately a gig on a Wednesday night in Swindon can be a little hit and miss at times, with what should be a bustling venue falling a little short of the mark in terms of numbers. But nonetheless, the bands performed impressive sets that could really showcase the talent. First on was a Spilt Milk favourite, Ten Tombs. Their set showcased new tracks, which carry more maturity into their sound and lean on a more emo feel. Next was Muskets, whose sound brought more vigour and grit to the evening. And last up were Wallflower. We’ve been lucky enough to catch Wallflower a couple of times on the festival circuit this year and, lets face it, they’re pretty exciting. Wallflower are certainly ones to watch for 2018, with atmospheric and exciting live performances, and the recent release of ‘Where It Fell Apart’!

We decided to ask the Wallflower boys a few questions to find out more about them…


SM: Please could you introduce yourselves, and give us a brief background to the band?

W: We are Wallflower, we’ve been a band for about 3 years now. We started out as a group of friends who wanted to write some music together and out of that came some songs.


SM: You’re currently on a co-headline tour with Muskets, how has that been? And what has been your favourite show on this run?

W: It’s been a lot of fun to hang out with those guys and watch them play songs from their new record. The tours we’ve been on over the last year have been with much bigger bands with their own fan bases, so to play some shows off our own backs and see people in the crowd singing along has been really humbling. It’s been interesting to go to new places but I will say one of my favourite shows of this run has been Newcastle; it’s the third time we have been there and saw some familiar faces which is really great.


SM: You put out new EP, Where It Fell Apart, earlier this year, what has the reaction been like to it?

W: People have been very welcoming to the EP which in a sense is a huge relief. When we started writing the songs which would eventually end up as Where It Fell Apart we started to feel a bit of a departure from where we had been before musically and lyrically. It goes without saying that it is always worth taking risks however in those instances there is an underlying anxiety that people will hate it, maybe we will even hate it. On the contrary it turned out to be our proudest piece of work to date, and we feel that listeners have responded in a very similar way.


SM: Can you tell us about the process of creating Where It fell Apart – writing/recording?

W: This was the first body of songs that we wrote together since our drummer Charlie joined the band so there was a bit of a different approach to writing the music. We spent a lot more time in rooms together jamming ideas and honing in on parts, getting the best out of every note and beat. We ended up playing these songs a lot on tours months before we ever got in to the studio so we had a lot of time to really understand what worked and what didn’t. We had a complete opposite approach to our first EP, where the entire thing was written and recorded before we existed as a band. Unfortunately this meant as soon as we got on to a stage to play those songs, none of our parts made sense and we had to do a lot more work to make it work live. Taking this in to account by the time we got in to the studio (The Ranch, Southampton) we were very familiar with the songs and we could come up with a product which was a much better reflection of our live sound.


SM : What influences you guys lyrically and musically?

W: We take inspiration from a lot of artists that we love and are always looking for new things to take influence from. When we first started we had a very straight forward approach to the music we wanted to write and we very quickly placed ourselves in to a category of music we wanted to play which did end up getting stale pretty quickly. As time has gone on we’ve learnt that it’s ok, and actually a lot more fun, to be inspired by different genres and have that show in our music.


SM: What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about touring?

W: Favourite thing is being able to hang out and spend time together. Being in a touring band nowadays involves a lot of work in the build up and not a lot of free time. Once you get to that point where you can finally relax and have a good time with your friends, it all feels completely worth it. Least favourite thing is all the driving around but we try to make that part as painless as possible.


SM: What other emerging bands are you guys digging?

W: There’s a lot of bands that we’ve had the pleasure of touring and playing with over the last couple of years. Weatherstate are a band that are doing really cool things, playing pop-punk but in a different way to how most bands in the same scene are. It goes without saying that our tour buddies Muskets’ new record ‘Chew’ definitely deserves a spin from anyone who loves fast-paced grunge and catchy choruses.


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