Live Review : The Movielife w/ Wallflower + Guillotine : The Underworld, Camden : 15/11/17

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It is a big opportunity to be in a venue like this tonight. The Underworld in Camden is one of the most famous small venues in London. A good thing about being in Camden is that there are so many different styles of artists and music. I enter the venue and I find a flight of stairs that leads me downstairs where I can see the bar, the merch stands and the cloakroom. Quite excited, I make my way further to main room. The venue it is very dark and almost impossible to see where you are walking. After ten minutes the first band is on stage.

Their name is “Guillotine” and they are a British band. Even though they have only been around for more or less a year, they’ve release and EP called Sapphire at the end of February. Because it is quite early there are just few people to watch their performance. Their songs are catchy and their lyrics are awesome. It is a good pleasure to hear them play.

After their set, we have “Wallflower” to play. It is a Rock/Alternative band from South London. The energy that comes from these guys is visible in the air and on stage since they are able to get more people in to enjoy the performance. The head bang game of lead singer Vinicius Moreira-Yeoell is very strong and gives the set that old Rock vibe.

And now the moment that we are all waiting for, “The Movielife” owns the stage. They are an Alternative/Emo/Post Hard-core band from Long Island, NY. Despite the fact that they’ve been around for 20 years, they disbanded in 2003 and announced their official reunion in December 2014. So this is bringing them to release a new album called ‘Cities in Search of a Heart’ – after 14 years from the previous album. As soon as they appear on stage, the crowd start to go mental and sing and jump to every of their songs. I can say that a lot of people were waiting for their return on the scene. Lead singer Vinnie Caruana has an amazing bond with the fans that is visible during the all performance. These guys are truly meant to be on stage and they look very happy to be back on doing what they love the most. Obviously the room is now full of people and there is barely the space to walk around.


Words + Photos : Selena Ferro


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