Live Review : Ducking Punches : Surya, London : 17/11/17

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It is a casual and chilly winter Friday night and I’m at one of my usual venues, Surya.

After I make my way inside the venue, I’m notify that the first band the first band had some gear problems so they make everyone wait longer before the show starts. Finally, after about an hour, the show begins.

The first artist on stage is “Neil Brophy” a British musician that now lives in Copenhagen. His set is quite an intimate one since there are just a couple of people to enjoy it. This guy is brilliant; he plays acoustic guitar, sing and plays harmonic too. His music is pleasant to hear and gets people involved.

After a tiny break the second artist is on stage. He is “We Bless this Mess” a guy from Porto, Portugal and his music it is a mix of Acoustic / Folk / Punk / Rock. He is a young and smiley and has a huge passion for music that is able to transmit to everyone that is listening. Even if he is on stage by himslef, he has the energy of a group of people. I’m a very surprised because they decide to put on a completely acoustic show for the night. It is a new thing for me but I think makes the atmosphere so much intimate.

By the time of the last artist the room is full. He is the lead singer from the “Duncking Punches”, a Punk Rock band from Norwich. The band have played almost 1,000 shows and their songs are about love, death, friendship and mental illness. He starts with a joke about saying that he will play just My Chemical Romance cover, so everyone looks at him for a moment and then starts to laugh. From this moment on they are singing together with him. I can already see that he is a guy up for a laugh and that everyone loves him. He plays couple of old songs so that everyone and then, by saying that the band will realise a new album in February next years, he plays three new songs with everyone that knows that these songs will become part of their life too.

All I can say it’s that it was a lovely evening.




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