Hell From Your Hello : YVES : SINGLE REVIEW

_DSC9788.JPGLet’s face it, every time YVES put out a new track it blows my mind, and with each track comes a significant progression in their sound as they lay a solid foundation to build themselves as artists – and the latest offering, ‘Hell From Your Hello,’ certainly doesn’t fall short of the mark.

It has that surge of energy that Yves have embedded in their tracks, but it’s also filled with grit and attitude. It’s urgent at times while also being laidback and cool too. ‘Hell From Your Hello’ showcases how tight and dynamic they are as a band, you can feel it throughout the track.

With an atmospheric intro, it boasts guitar that carries a stunning melodic feel which dances over the track as the sound builds becoming more and more powerful. Think the power of the likes of Kasabian paired with the energy and vigour of The Amazons – this is a track that will definitely shine live. A fuller sound bursts through with intent to have impact as the pace twists throughout too, keeping you engaged and keeping the track exciting to listen to. You can really hear the passion behind the vocals that have you hanging on every word. Sounding effortless but again, laced with a certain grit. And of course it has a huge Yves-esque chorus – it’s catchy and it’s energetic. Something they are evidently great at is writing killer choruses. The energy pulls back to leave us with almost isolated and haunting vocals before hitting you with an invigorating guitar solo before a powerful ending.

It places Yves at the forefront of almost a new era of indie rock that is saturated with a grungy tint, bridging the gap between heavier guitar tracks and modern day indie-pop-rock. I feel like their sound, as a whole, is unique and extremely exciting. I think this track is sick, and I think that Yves are sick. I literally can’t criticise this in the slightest.


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