Live Review : Elessar w/ Icarus Dive + New Horizons : Surya, London : 06/12/17

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There is an overwhelming and happy feeling when you have the chance to take photos of band that you know really well. I remember a year ago, in December, I was at the same venue (Surya in London) to see the same band from the crowd. One year later I am one of their friends and I’m taking photos at their show. It is so weird how things can change in just one year. One of the best parts is that I’m with two of my friends too to enjoy the night.

Once I walk inside, I have a quick chat with the guys in “Elessar” and then I walk downstairs to the main room. Everyone is still pretty busy with sound check and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

After a little while, the first band is on. “Icarus Dive” is a Progressive Alt Rock / Metal band from Guilford, Surrey. Each member contributes to give to their music a blend of melancholic and quirky guitar playing, often breaking by their signature mind-melting riffs. Their performance is led by a captivating energy that also gave them the opportunity to play shows all over the South of England, so far. I’m really impressed by their performance and I can see that the audience agrees with me.

Their set is quite long and about 15 minutes later the second band owns the stage. “New Horizons” is an alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland and their frontwoman, Emma, is full of energy and jumps around the whole stage. They formed about two years ago and their first single “Justice” talks about how mental health can affect anyone at any time. They played shows all around Scotland and this is the first time for them in London and I can say that the crowd give them a very good welcome. Through their songs and speech there is always one sentence that keeps coming back: “always remember and be true to yourself”. A very powerful one.

Now it is finally time for “Elessar”, an Alternative Rock band from Gloucester. As we all know I’m quite a big fan of these guys and I do really think that their music is amazing. They manage to close the night in a brilliant way even if, in my opinion, the performance is quite short compared to the other bands that played before in the night. Their set list is a mix of old and new songs, between “Arrogance” and “Half Love” (their latest single). They have new music coming out next year and it is lovely to see how far they’ve come.

It was one of the best nights in a while.


Words + Photos : Selena Ferro


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