Interview : WOES

Before their first night of tour with Seaway, I caught up with Woes to discuss all things Woes in 2018; on the day of this interview they announced their singing to UNFD records.


SM: Can you introducture yourself and your roles in the band?

DJ: I’m DJ and I sing in Woes

S: I’m Sean, I do some singing in Woes, and I play the bass

SM: First night of tour, you guys excited?

DJ: Yeah we’re extremely excited, there’s been a lot to get ready behind the scenes and I think we’ll be more excited once we get off the stage.

S: I agree, there’s always so much to do in the run up to a show; we just want to make everything goes well and we put on a good show, and everyone thinks it was great, then once we’re off stage we can sink that first beer, and then we’ll be excited “like yeah, now we’re on tour boys!”.

SM: What does the run up for a tour look like for you guys?

DJ: We practise when we can, but there’s so much commitment in terms of writing and releasing new music these days; it’s important to keep writing and releasing new music, which does make it difficult to practise often.

S: Especially as we record everything ourselves.

DJ: And we’re all working full time jobs, so what often happens is during the run up, nothing happens and then we practise hard for about a week.

SM: Do you guys have a strategy for releasing your material, and regular release intervals you like to keep to?

S: It all depends on your team, you all come together and decide. What does your management thing, what does your booking agent think and what does your label think.

SM: And as of today that includes label UNFD, which is one hell of an achievement!

S: Thank you, we’ve been grafting over the years in different bands and it’s now that we’ve found our sound and become good enough, there’s no magic formula, it just took us this long to get good. I’ve known DJ for 10 years, and we’ve been in different bands together and toured as different bands together.

DJ: But we just keep coming back to each other!

SM: You guys recently came off tour with Neck Deep – that must have been crazy?

S: Before the shows with Neck Deep, our biggest show was to 400-500 people. Our first show with Neck Deep instantly was the biggest show we’ve played. We learnt a lot from the guys. Very welcoming.

DJ: We picked up so much knowledge from them.

S: It put us on the map, and we’ve still got lots of fans coming to us on Twitter who found us because of that tour.

SM: Throughout your music career, what are some key things you have learnt?

S: How to write proper songs: where we came from a punk background we used to have all these cool parts, but what I learnt was we weren’t really writing songs. Sometimes it would only be in studio that we’d actually be writing the vocals, and a song is driven by a vocal, it conveys the feel and tone. We’ve definitely gotten a lot better at that.

DJ: Yeah we used to be too technical. We’d write songs to be like “yeahhhh, I can do that”, but it was nothing to dance along to or connect to.

SM: As we previously discussed, you’ve signed to UNFD – how did that come about?

S: Working real hard, not cutting any corners – but shout out our manager Tom: he came along in the summer and has been nothing but a hardworking guy for us, he knew a few people and laboured and now it’s paid off for us.

 SM: What does this mean for you guys now?

DJ: It gives us a bigger platform for people to hear our music, much bigger scope to continue what we’ve done so far but better. The hard work starts now.

S: The work will get harder, the songs will need to be better. We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us this year, and I can’t wait for that challenge.

SM: What does 2018 entail for you guys?

DJ: Write an incredible album, play more shows than we’ve ever played in our lives, visit some places we’ve never visited before.

S: We’ve got some things on that backburner still to announce throughout the year.

DJ: I’m going to buy a gold chain.

S: He’ll buy a gold chain, and I’ll buy a Lambo’! It may be on credit, which I’ll ruin forever, but I’m going to get one!

SM: What emerging bands have you found – who should we all be checking out?

DJ: ‘Danger Incorporated’ are the best band, they’re a group from Atlanta. They are the best band ever.

S: ‘Undercast’, for something a bit like us from Australia – they’re sick. Similarly named ‘AM Undercast’ from Canada.

From the UK – ‘You Know the Drill’, ‘Homewrecked’, ‘Better Than Never’.

SM: The label’s from Australia…a trip out there on the horizon?

S: Hopefully! Since signing I’ve had 4/5 dreams about flying out there, so hopefully it can happen. The company’s super laid back and chilled. UNFD are just a wonderful group to be around.


Words : Nick Tucker


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