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Manchester hailing melodic-pop-punk-four-piece MILESTONES have announced the upcoming release of their debut album ‘Red Lights’ ! RELEASED ON 23RD FEBRUARY VIA FEARLESS RECORDS! We spoke to the lovely Matt Clarke, Milestones’ frontman about the process of the upcoming debut album!


SM: Hello Milestones! Please can you introduce yourselves and give us a brief background to the band?

MC: Hey! I’m Matt and I sing in the band!


SM: Your debut album ‘Red Lights’ comes out this month, how are you feeling about the release?

MC: I think definitely nervous but also quite confident that we have done our parts of writing a record we’re proud of. All of our fans have waited a long time for this, but we wanted to make sure it was something they deserved and would help us to grow.


SM: Please can you tell us about the process of writing and recording ‘Red Lights’?

MC: It was a long process!!! We definitely learned a lot about ourselves as people and as musicians and thus grew immensely in both too. We’d spend 15+ hours a day writing, demoing and recording for months at a time in not great conditions away from home. Sometimes we’d spend weeks on a song and throw it away at the end. It was quite demoralising but it built our character and substance as a band where we kind of realised second best wasn’t an option.


SM: Have the tracks developed or changed at all during the recording process?

MC: Absolutely. We were writing throughout the entire process. End Game & Forever Or Never’s choruses were changed in the final hours vocally and musically. We were constantly trying to better things we already liked, that’s been the best thing about the process. Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s the best it can be.


SM: What inspires you musically and lyrically?

MC: Everything. Life. That’s why I think so many people can connect with this album, it’s not about one aspect of my life, it surrounds everything I go through daily. It’s really just an album that’s so honest about the fact I’m human. I make mistakes, I fuck up, but I like to think I’m good at learning from them first time.


SM: You’ve put out a single from the album already, Paranoid, what has the reaction been like to this track?

MC: Really cool. I don’t think it was what people were expecting at all, but we’ve received some great responses from fans, industry people and bands. It’s definitely been a great rebrand of the band.


SM: Do you have any tours/festivals/shows planned for this year that you can tell us about?

MC: We will soooooooon


SM: After the release of ‘Red lights’ what is your next goal to reach as a band?

MC: We just want to always be progressing. We don’t have a ceiling for this band, we just focus on putting 110% until today and prepare for tomorrow to the best standard we can. If we play Wembley one day because of that, then great, but we’re not gonna do that by sitting on our fucking arses. 


SM: If you could summarise the album in one word, what would it be?

MC: Versatile


SM: What artists are you listening to at the moment that you would recommend?

MC: The Gospel Youth, Broadside, Stand Atlantic, Holding Absence, Loathe, Waterparks, Sleep On It, so many great bands breaking right now!


Check back soon for our review of the brand new album, ‘Red Lights’ – and don’t forget to pre-order it too!



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