Live review : Koko : Nambucca, London : 27/02/18

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Despite the cold weather and the snow, I make my way down to Nambucca.

Once I enter, I am in the room together with a few band members and the lights tec. I’ve always like it when no one is around because it give me the opportunity to get a better feel of what is going on around me and a taste of the atmosphere.

After a little while, “Elefantasy”, an Indie/Alt band from Harlow is on stage. They are a bunch of young guys but they sure have a lot of talent. A cool thing to see is that the bassist is a woman. They formed a couple of years ago and they have already two EPs out as well as working on more music. Passion is one of the things that clearly comes across during their set. It is nice to see that a lot of people in the crowd are supporting these guys and seems to really enjoy the music.

Break time and then “Seven Cities” – a Rock band from Dawlish – is up. They have supported bands like Nothing But Thieves, Heaven’s Basement and The Enemy as well as co-written songs with a variety of high profile artists. They are making their way into the music industry and I can say that they totally deserve it. Their songs have a powerful energy that works perfectly with the guitars riffs and the incredible voice of lead singer, Tom Ormandy.

Third band of the night, “The Bloom”, an Indie-pop band with a few surprise twists along the way, as they like to define themselves, take the stage. They formed in Perth, Western Australia in 2014 and have recently played their first European tour between countries like Germany, Switzerland and France, in support of the EP release. I like their sound and it is definitely nice to see a band from the other side of the world performing.

The last act of this night full of energy is “Koko”, a newly formed alternative band. Their first single is yet to be released, but they are already making their way into the industry and I’m sure these guys are going to be the one of the bands to watch out this year. I can spot a bunch of people in the crowd that are ready to party hard as soon as these guys hit the stage. Some of them already know the lyrics of the songs and jump in front of the stage, so this makes the atmosphere even more exciting. Their music is pure electric, and lead singer Ollie Garland is definitely a stage animal – he is perfectly in his own natural environment. Not to mention the super cool game of lights and smoke that works as background to the whole set.


It was really nice to discover new artists and new music.


Words + photos : Selena Ferro






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