Single Review : Honey, Darling : Midweek


Here is a track that has been highly anticipated in Spilt Milk HQ. Midweek are a flavour of modern-day emo from Cheltenham. Before now, they’ve made themselves known on the local scene, but we were yet to hear anything recorded from these boys. UNTIL NOW! ‘Honey, Darling’ is the debut single from Midweek and it certainly sets the bar for their sound.

From the go it’s exciting and it doesn’t hold back on the energy, before pulling back to allow the lead vocals from Joe to shine through carrying passion in each word. In terms of the structure of the track, it definitely pays homage to its genre and it’s easy to make the comparison to artists like Moose Blood – but I love Moose Blood so no complaints here.

The impact picks back up, layering sweet guitar with a driving beat that gives the track this kind of anthem-ic body. It’s emotive yet it’s bouncy and will probably be fucking sick live. The chorus is super catchy too, leaving a lasting impression. Later in the track the pace changes putting emphasis on the dynamism behind it.

I really like this track – I feel like it works so well as an introduction to Midweek as a band and really nails their sound and we can’t wait to hear more from them!


Check out ‘Honey, Darling’ on Spotify



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