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After was feels like a lifetime since we last ventured into old town in support of some local bands at The Vic, this show glowed out from the pixels of my facebook news feed – like a beacon of light in what had recently been a damp variety of local gig listings. The Harlers, supporting Ghost of Machines, was surely going to be an interesting set. I hadn’t seen the band since they were a two-piece, and featured on an early cover of Spilt Milk, so to catch them in an updated line-up was mega exciting.

The Harlers were powerful and captivating, winning over the whole crowd, as echoes of ‘they were really good’ spread through the venue after the set. Their sound has really come together, with the addition of bass player Mitch, really elevating the intensity behind it. They have those deep growling undertones of their influences, with The Black Keys being an easy comparison, but also dipping the whole thing into a more blues-ey rock realm too.

Their set included a mix of tracks that varied in pace. Overall the set was tight and you could feel the chemistry in their stage presence. This easily felt like a professional set that could surely surpass the capacity of this room. More familiar releases tied the set together, such as ‘Heart Of Gold’ and ‘Your Love’, causing a surge in energy.

If you haven’t already checked out The Harlers then believe me – you’re missing out.


– Words : Courtney Brock / Photos : Becky Woods




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