THE HYENA KILL Unshackle Colossal New Single POUND OF FLESH

THE HYENA KILL have revealed their stomping new track POUND OF FLESH. The track showcases the duo’s ability to effortlessly transition from an infectiously dark groove, to full-throttled cacophony.
“It’s basically one massive mood swing. The first half of the track is quite upbeat and riffy and ends with a screaming your lungs out meltdown. It has some of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written dealing with sex, desire, manipulation and self-loathing’.

The recording process for this track was really smooth. Lorna absolutely nailed her drum part. The track was bouncing before we even got round to tracking guitars.

Pound Of Flesh is the one track on the EP that sounds more like our previous material but with a more focused sound. The ending is the heaviest thing we have ever recorded and a lot of fun to play live. We nearly didn’t record it as it felt too different from the other tracks, by the time it was finished it slotted in perfectly. Really glad we didn’t bin it off!” 

– Steven Dobb, guitar & vocals
POUND OF FLESH is taken from forthcoming EP SPUN due 23rd April on APF Records. It follows previous single Exit Mask which also features on the EP. Steven explains “We wanted to make a record that was a brutally honest representation of our music, and us as people. Our debut album ‘Atomised’ was a benchmark for us but for this record we really got into the crafting and feel of the songs”.
SPUN’ Track Listing
1 – Exit Mask
2 – Panic Womb
3 – Ribbons
4 – Pound Of Flesh
5 – Dare To Swim
6 – Cells


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