CENTURY THIRTEEN‘s own blend of Alternative Rock fueled with Punk Pop takes from a range of sources but predominately pulls from Blink-182, New Found Glory, and  Green Day. The Glaswegian punks set loose their new self-titled album on Friday 13th July, through all platforms. The four-piece have also just released a new track, Not My Placehttps://youtu.be/6SsWWPHXjko.


Since their formation in 2014, the Scottish tunesters have worked exceptionally hard on their craft. Aided by a strong DIY work ethic, the quartet have already released four well-received EPs, and have built a steady fanbase throughout Scotland which has been encouraged by a series of high octane and energetic live performances.

The punk rockers have just completed work on their new self-titled album, which arrives this July.  The record is stuffed from back to front with bangers. From their forthcoming single, A Million Times, to the newly released, Not My Place – https://youtu.be/6SsWWPHXjko  , the album is the band’s best work to date.


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