239556.jpg‘Self Help’ is the new EP from Scottish Pop Punk Band Woes, and continues to demonstrate the strength of UK Pop Punk. The EP was released on the 4th of May, and is their first EP since the 2016 self-titled EP. This EP hopes to build on the incredible touring experience they’ve had in recent years with bands such as Neck Deep, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and Seaway.

The first song, “High On You” is a dynamic start to the EP with it starting quieter before bursting into the renowned blast beat which is iconic to the genre. The song itself has a strong tempo, and is bouncy throughout. It is also layered with instruments nicely, staying melodic which, to me, is key for good pop punk.

Following “High On You” is the track “Real World” which keeps up the bouncy feel. Along with the bounciness, one thing that hit me is the depth of the vocals, which have been produced so well helping to give the track lots of energy that coincide beautifully with the drums and the rhythm guitar. This helps make up for the lack of riffs within this song, which you can hear distinctively in the opening track.

“Losing Time” was the first single off of the new EP and contains all the components of a good Pop Punk song: A good melody, cutting riffs, and energetic drums. The way in which the song cuts between timescales makes the track interesting to listen to and makes it a feel good listen.

“Over It” is a slightly heavier track which reminds me slightly of some of Neck Deep’s second album, in contrast to most of their stuff sounding more like early Neck Deep. You can hear obvious influence from touring with them in the last year, which on the whole may help build them as musicians and as well as building a strong fan base.

Finally, we have “HLB 2”. This track starts with keys, which is something you never hear from Pop Punk, its slower and more melodic but still holds the power to make you want to bounce through the chorus, and I feel like this is the catchiest chorus of them all! This track is the one which separates Woes from a lot of other generic Pop Punk bands, having more of a distinctive sound which I haven’t really heard from many other bands.

On the whole, Self Help is a good, energy fuelled listen which if they can replicate live will be emphatic to watch. They have had a good few years, signing to UNFD alongside bands like Architects, Whiles She Sleeps and Dream State, as well as having strong tours under their belts, they have the perfect building block.


– Words : Alfie Butcher


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