Trueheights are a six-piece alternative rock band hailing from the Midlands, and their sound is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Bringing full force energy and an intricate layer of sounds, their tracks are catchy yet atmospheric and draw you in from the off. Following the recent release of their second EP, ‘Days We Found’, Selena from Spilt Milk had a chat with drummer Kris to talk all things Trueheights!

SM : Please introduce yourselves and give us a brief background into the band.

TH : Hey! My name is Kris and I’m the drummer for the band TrueHeights. TrueHeights are a 6 piece Alt Rock band from the West Midlands and we love writing big choruses! The band formed back in 2014 from the ashes of two previous bands, Girls That Scream (Me, Ash and Steve) and Drawn (Zakk and Luke) We just really wanted to make something heart felt loud and exciting. Alex our guitarist joined last year and things have been going from strength to strength since.

SM : You just released new EP “Days We Found” – What can people that haven’t listened to it yet expect?

TH : We are very proud of this record. All 5 songs are singles in our eyes and it really is the best collection of music any of us have ever done. Expect twist and turns from one track to another from Heavy Rock in our opening track “Exit Route” to total Pop with “No Tomorrow”

SM : Could you tell us about the process of writing and recording this EP?

TH : With having 6 members in the band writing can be quite disjointed. A lot of the time someone will write a basic chorus and we work from there, deconstructing and reconstructing til we have forged something unmistakably TrueHeights.

SM : What is your favourite track from the EP and why?

TH : It’s hard to call. Like I say, This EP has so many different styles and shades it really depends on how I’m feeling at the time. Tracks like “Maybe” and “Exit Route” are seriously good work out tracks. I usually like to listen to “Still Moving Colour” when I’m driving, That’s a real road trip song in my eyes.

SM : What is your favourite song to play live and why?

TH : As a drummer I’m a huge fan of polyrhythms! “Still Moving Colours” second verse is really exciting to play.

SM : Where did the idea of having a short movie for “Exit Route”, “Catalyst” and “Still Moving Colour” come from?

TH : We just wanted something less generic. We didn’t want just typical band shots in a dark room or whatever. We wanted to weave a story through all the videos so the releases felt more like episodes. Something to make people HAVE to watch the other two.

SM : You will be playing few festivals in the next months, how excited are you? And what does this mean for TrueHeights?

TH : We have so much going on right now. We have been booked for a few big festivals such as Teddy Rocks Festival on the 6th of May, Pile Up festival on the 22nd June and Fat lip festival on the 28th of July. All these bigger festival just goes to show we are doing something right. We just want to impress everyone we can this year.

SM : What are your main musical influences as a band?

TH : That question comes up a lot for us and it’s always hard to say. I mean, I love 30 Seconds to mars. I managed to sneak on stage with them last month! I like anything with great melodies and Drum parts, so Arcane Roots, Muse and Skindred are all up there.

SM : If you could describe the EP with one word, what would it be?

TH : Exhilarating

SM : What does the future hold for TrueHeights?

TH : Well I can’t say much. Songs are being written as we speak but I don’t want to give away too much. The new songs are shaping into something very different from previous TrueHeights songs. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.


Words : Selena Ferro


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