We had a little chat with Si Todd, vocalist and guitarist from Boy Jumps Ship about their new single ‘FÄSHÍØN’ and plans for this year!


SM: Please introduce yourselves and give us a brief background into your band:

ST: We’re a Rock band from the North East called Boy Jumps Ship. Made up of Si, Jonny Rob, Gav and Kyle. It’s the classic story of a group of mates who knew each other from college starting a band and wanting to have a lot of fun writing songs and playing live!

SM: Last month you bought out ‘FASHION’, what has the reaction been like to this new track?

ST: The reaction to FÄSHÍØN has been really great so far! We really felt that this was a great representation of where the band is right now! It’s a different direction for us but it’s one that we’re very excited about. There’s a lot more to come too…

SM: Could you tell us about your writing and recording process?

ST: For this tune it was a little different to how we usually go about things. We started with this chorus idea and we fleshed it out into this massive rhythmic riff. We then built the rest of the song around it, experimenting with a lot with grooves in the process. I wanted a strong lyrical theme running throughout too!

SM: What are your main musical/lyrical influences as a band?

ST: For lyrics, I just try to use different themes for each song so that it has its own place. I think the main thing for us is making sure that the music and lyrics connect with people and make them feel something. Those are the bands we are influenced by the most! Also, we really feel like the bands who constantly re-invent themselves are the ones we gravitate to the most, i.e Biffy, Jimmy Eat World, Twenty One Pilots to name a few.

SM: With such a positive reaction to ‘FASHION’, is this track telling for more new material to come?

ST: Definitely! In fact, we’re working hard in the studio right now as I answer these questions. We’ve been writing a lot of new tunes, really experimenting and pushing ourselves harder than ever before to write the best songs we can!

SM: You guys recently announced a UK Headline Tour for Oct/Nov, what dates are you guys looking forward to the most?

ST: All of them!!! Obviously Newcastle will be our hometown show, so that’s always a special one. It usually gets pretty wild! We’ve genuinely had class experiences in all of the cities before so we’re excited to be back!

SM: What can fans who haven’t seen you live before expect from a show?

ST: Commitment, honesty & full on engagement. We always leave everything out there when we play live, it gets sweaty and we try to make everyone feel involved in the show! We try to make it a fun experience!

SM: What track would you say is the biggest crowd pleaser?

ST: ‘Burn’ is always a big crowd pleaser, we use a lot of interaction live when it comes to that tune so it always tends to be a highlight. We’ve only really tried it once up until now but I’d say FÄSHÍØN went down really well too! It’s got a lot groove and plenty of hooks so people seemed to catch on pretty quick.

SM: Have you guys got anything else exciting lined-up for this year?

ST: We’re supporting Thirty Seconds To Mars in our hometown this weekend (26.05.18) so that’s a great opportunity for us! It should be a special show! Fingers crossed, we should have a few more exciting things in the pipeline for the rest of the year! Aside from live shows, there’s plenty of new music to come too!

SM: What other emerging artists are you guys digging? 

ST: Yungblud is definitely one that we’re enjoying a lot right now, he’s smashing it and he’s gonna be massive! Sam Fender too, he’s a lad from our neck of the woods who’s doing really well at the minute!


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