Australian hailing new-kids-on-the-block The Faim have been taking the UK by storm over the last few months – with solo shows, a lengthy run with Lower Than Atlantis and festival appearances to name a little bit of what they’ve been up to on these shores..! We had a chat with Stephen Beerkens (Bass/Keyboard) to find out a little bit more about these boys.

SM: Please introduce yourselves and give me a brief background to the band?

SB: We’re four piece band from Perth, Australia. Stephen, Mike and Josh went to high school together and found our drummer, Sean, a few months later through his YouTube covers.

SM: You are coming up the to the end of a huge run of UK shows, how has this tour been for you?

SB: This tour has been nothing short of incredible! For a band who is as new as we are, having only released 3 songs, an 11 week first tour through the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand is a true privilege. On top of this, touring with amazing bands like Lower Than Atlantis, Sleeping With Sirens  and The Dangerous Summer has made this huge run of shows all the more special.

SM: Are there any dates that have stood out?

SB: The last show of the Lower Than Atlantis tour was a very memorable one. It marked the end of our very first tour and all the bands were out to celebrate a successful run of shows and the many friendships made along the way.

SM: You played Slam Dunk last weekend, how were those shows?

SB: The three shows we played at Slam Dunk were insane!! Never before had we played to such a large crowd of avid music lovers. It was also an amazing feeling hearing so many people sing our lyrics back to us during the set.

SM: You have released a few singles this year, what’s the reaction been like to those? 

SB: The reaction to our currently released singles has been better than we could have ever expected. We’ve received so much support, from people sharing our music, doing covers of the songs and creating amazing fan art. We can’t to release even more music for people to hear!

SM: ‘Saints of the sinners’ was co-written with Pete Wentz and produced with John Feldmann, how did that collaboration come about?

SB: We were privileged enough to record our full first record with John Feldmann, who hit up Pete Wentz to come to the studio, have a chat with us about the music industry and then write a song. It was a day that we’ll remember forever, as we learnt so much from Pete and his many years of experience in the world of music.

SM: What have you got in the pipeline regarding upcoming releases/EP/Album?

SB: We’re working on the release of an album, with dates that are yet to be announced. Until then, we’ll be releasing more songs out to the world leading up to it!

SM: Who are your influences?

SB: We have a very wide range of influences, as each member of the band has grown up listening to many different styles of music. To name a few, they would be Coldplay, The 1975, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco and Imagine Dragons.

SM: What’s your favourite track to play live?

SB: One of our favourite tracks to play live is actually an unreleased song called ‘Make Believe’ 

SM: What’s next for you guys?

SB: We’ve actually just announced a three show German tour with Sum 41 and Waterparks in August! We’re also playing Reading and Leeds Festival, which we’re very excited for. There’s also much more in store for the year so stay tuned!

SM: If you had to summarise The Faim in one word, what would it be?

SB: Passionate 


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