I walk down to see the first act of my day, “Deadset Dream” at Belushi’s. This is my first time in this venue and it is quite cosy and small. These guys are an Alt/Rock band from Sheffield, the lead singer, Shiney Lingwood, has a brilliant voice and a captivating energy while on stage. They have a growing reputation for their addictive hooks and energetic live shows, which has attracted the attention for national media and promoters across the UK. They already supported big names in the industry and I’m sure the future holds amazing projects for them.

After their set, I move over to the Electric Ballroom to see “Sleep Token”. Another new venue for me and despite the small external look, inside the venue is quite big. Sleep Token are a masked, anonymous collective of musicians. Fragments of beauty, horror, anguish, pain, happiness, joy, anger, disgust and fear are the elements that mix together create the expansive and emotional texture of their music. The masks, darkness and game of lights allowed the audience to get transported in another dimension.

Back to Belushi’s to see a band of ‘old faces’, “Better Than Never”. It has been almost a year since last time I saw them live and they never fail to impress me and even if the venue is small, lead singer James and bassist Jake find a way to perform off stage in front of the crowd. In a year they grown a lot as band and they opened for big artists.

Heading down to the bigger venue of the day, KOKO. The excitement is growing bigger and bigger and it is nice to see the familiar faces of “The Lafontaines” playing on stage. Coming all the way from Scotland, they brought they energy and mind-blowing music to everyone in the room. The audience is loving them, and everyone is ready to party.

As soon as they finished, I walk all the way back to the Dublin Castle. Second time around for me in this venue and it’s always good to be here. It’s nice to discover more new music and this case “Cavans” which is an Alternative band. Even if its’ not my “go to” kind of music, they are brilliant and really talented.

Next I head to Gabeto. A lot of new venues for me today and this one has a nice location, right in the stables market. Another small one but with a different layout: the room is long and narrow. More new music too for me, this is the time of “The Fallen State” a Hard/Rock band. They put together their love for powerful, anthemic and beautiful rock to ‘give birth’ to magical music. Unfortunately, I only have about 10 min to enjoy their set, but I’m making the most of it. I’m blown away by the talent and charisma these guys have on stage. The future can only be bright for them.

Back to KOKO to finally see “Mallory Knox”, a Rock band from Cambridge. There are a lot of rumours about how they will perform, after vocalist’s Mikey Chapman departure early this year. I’m honestly proud of their decision to keep going to make music and they are proving to be stronger than ever with a mind blowing live performance that amaze everyone.

One big band after another, “Twin Atlantic” are now making the stage their own. They are another great Rock band from Scotland. Still buzzing from the last band, I have a high dose of adrenaline running though my veins. Lead singer Sam McTrusty surely knows how to own a show and he is a stage animal. It is also nice to hear some songs from “GLA” their latest album.

Tired, I decide to go and see one more band “The Bottom Line”. I had the pleasure of seeing them opening for Simple Plan couple of years ago. They are a Pop/Punk – Pop/Rock band from London. They’ve been working hard over the past couple of years and made themselves a regular on the Teddy Rocks Festival, raising money for a noble cause like cancer. Their set is at The Black Heart, a familiar venue that I haven’t visited in a while. It is an intimate show, but it is nice to see everyone enjoying it.





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