Leeds based emerging stars, Fizzy Blood, present us with their 3rd EP, Pink Magic, which is due for release on 14th September via Killing Moon & Alya Records.

I’ve personally been aware of Fizzy Blood for a few years as they’ve made their way around the circuit, but Pink Magic has really caught my ear. It’s sound draws influence from all over with each track embracing a new sentiment. It’s alternative sound is saturated with punk attitude and licks but it’s also tinged with a sort of contemporary pop vibe.

The first track is, title-track, ‘Pink Magic’. It grabs your attention from the start and keeps a commanding pace throughout the track with a distorted hum that carries you through. It twists and it turns, layering the track with bass and excitable guitar riffs for a fuller sound as well as pulling back to the thrum of drums and an honest vocal. ‘Pink Magic’ is definitely a statement track on this EP.

Next up is ‘CFO’, which holds onto its punk characteristics, but overall feels more pop, infused with an indie hint too. To begin with the track didn’t grab me as much as ‘Pink Magic’ had, but as it progresses the chorus pipes up and it grows into a really catchy track. It hops between the genres between verses and the chorus, which grasps at your attention again to keep you engaged until the end.

The pace slows down a little for ‘Strangers’, with a simple intro that allows the vocals to showcase. As the track moves, the ambiance behind it grows too, giving it more body but it keeps a slower and sweeter vibe. This is a track that struck me immediately, with a catchy feeling to it.

The last track here, ‘Illusion’, amps up the vigour during the intro before bursting into a slower paced yet commanding beat. It still holds onto the grit that ‘Pink Magic’ has carried throughout wit lyrics that bite at you such as, ‘success is just an illusion, baby’.

“Pink Magic is our third EP, and what we believe to be the most accurate representation of who we are as a band and where we want to take our music moving forward. We’re happy to present the EPs as a trilogy but I wouldn’t kid anyone and say this was the plan from the start. These three offerings will have to tide you over till we’re finished with what comes next…

– Paul Howells, guitar

Armed with their best work to date in Pink Magic, and appearances at Reading & Leeds festivals this summer alongside two UK headline shows in September, Fizzy Blood are an unstoppable force.

Catch FIZZY BLOOD live

24-26 Sep – Reading & Leeds festivals

19th Sep – Brudenell Games Room, Leeds (HEADLINE)

21st Sep – Boston Music Room, London (HEADLINE)

Fizzy Blood



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