I feel like Leader have this way of putting out tracks that are bouncy and generally feel good, and I feel like, most recent single, ‘Open Skies’ follows suit. It’s a big track with a sense of ambition; sounding well produced and clean on record but also would take on a bigger life live too.

The track itself ‘is about always looking and searching for something more. No matter where we end up, how happy or sad, rich or poor, we’re always wondering about if things had been different…what could have been… what is still to come.’ This is reflected in the driving rhythm that carries you through the track, giving it more depth overall. ‘Open Skies’ showcases what Leader are about, and gives us a glimpse of what is to come from these boys, yet there is a familiarity to the track which gives us a sense of warmth. The accompanying video works really well with the track too, and it’s aesthetically really engaging.

I really like this track and can’t wait to see what direction Leader take it.

Check it out here:

For Fans Of: Don Broco, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Editors, Travis, Lower Than Atlantis, Feeder, Alt J, Blink 182, Everything Everything


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