If their bandcamp page is anything to go by, anyone can see that releases from Cheltenham dwelling four-piece, Floorboards, are few and far between. But this week (10/10/18) gives us the release of brand new EP, ‘Cocoon’. As a fan already, I was excited to have this release drop into my inbox.

On a first listen I was hooked, with the tracks being familiar from shows, it was great to hear them polished up and on record. The four track EP presents us with an emotional diversity of styles, yet keeping true to the familiar sound that they have built as Floorboards.

‘Second Sun’ introduces us to the EP and also is the shortest track. It builds the sound up, layering itself with dancing guitar before a passionate vocal takes over. The pace of the track picks up with a defining rhythm before twisting and pulling back, keeping you engaged through the middle of the track into a melodic outro. This leads us into ‘Mary Part II’, which pulls the pace back up into a quicker and more urgent tempo. This track has a grittier taste to it, sitting heavily in the bassline. The layers strip back almost completely allowing guitars to lead us through and showcasing Jay’s unique vocal that pull you in and hold your interest. You can hear the grunge influence in this track toward the outro.

Next ‘You’ll Never Get Better’ dances softly through the intro before contrasting with an explosion of sound, throwing passionate guitars and a driving beat onto the track, you can’t help but feel that this track is here to make a statement. ‘You’ll Never Get Better’ is the longest track on the EP, and you can hear the passion behind it as it turns around, building up the sound and then stripping back creating waves of energy throughout. The vigour steps up through contrasting vocals; both clean and screamed – carrying a certain sense of emotion. Last track ‘If You Can’t Help Yourself’ is my favourite from ‘Cocoon’. It begins more chatty, setting itself apart from the previous tracks before bursting into a familiar Floorboards-esque sound, varying the tempo and again showcasing the vocals. I also love the reoccurring lyrics in the outro that have come full circle from the first lines of ‘Second Sun’ – really refining the EP has a whole which has energy and continuity that flows through the tracks. ‘I hate the winter and what its done. I hate the dark and what it’s done to my friends.’




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