Live review : Mint w/ Basement Club, Rainy Day fund + The Harlers Level III / 19-10-18

Last night (19-10-18) I found myself standing in the new-and-improved Level III in Swindon, thinking to myself; ‘Have I died and gone to Indie-pop heaven?’

The answer was yes. Yes I had.

Lets talk about This Feeling to begin with. According the claims of Noel Gallagher This Feeling is the best club in The UK for future Rock and Roll stars,’ and they seem set to be proving just that by putting on line-ups that feature emerging talent in the pool of indie-guitar bands all around the UK. Surely this means all good things in Swindon as This Feeling hosted, Grimsby hailing, MINT with a supporting line up of Swindon’s up and coming artists.

Opening the night was Basement Club. They definitely set the tone for the night in terms of their bouncy, indie sound. Despite being pretty young, it appears to me that they know the direction of their sound already. Okay, they do need polishing but that will come in time – what they have right now is great. They had good energy and chemistry between them, I’m excited to see more of these guys and see how their sound develops. Next was Rainy Day Fund, carrying the bouncy energy through their set. Melodic guitars and infectious rhythm is what these guys do well and you can’t fault the energy in their performance. They write tracks to get you moving and certainly have a lively presence about them, with recent single ‘Brainshake’ being a highlight for me. Spilt Milk regulars, The Harlers, were on next and they always deliver a tight set. They have recently become a two-piece again but that doesn’t compromise their overall sound from being full and relentless. Their bluesy tinted rock was really well received too, with the crowd singing along and cheering for just one more track. Let’s face it; The Harlers are easily headliners any day

Next up were headliners MINT. My first way to describe them would instantly be ‘They were mint!!!’ but I wonder how many times they hear that. (Probably the same about of times that I hear ‘don’t cry over Spilt Milk!!!!!’) But in all fairness they are a fantastic band. Their sound and chemistry is tight and their experience lays itself out clearly, and you wonder how they aren’t already gracing bigger stages and playing to bigger crowds. Live, their sunny sound carries a bit of grit- in tracks such as ‘Nothing Seems To Get Me High’ – which creates a beautiful infusion between guitar-based rock and a dreamier realm of a quintessential indie sound like in ‘Elise’. This is certainly what gives these guys an edge on the scene.


If you love guitar based indie bands then I strongly recommend checking all of these bands out. Overall it was an exciting line up featuring some of the freshest artists on the scene who are all working up to releasing new tracks and playing more shows. Get on it.


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