Photo : Courtney Brock


SM: Hey guys, please can you introduce yourselves and give us a brief background to the band?

FK: We are Future Kings, a 4-piece Indie/Alternative-Rock band from Gloucestershire and we’ve been together since 2015. Being the artist formerly known as Muchos Tequilas Later, we’ve been Future Kings for around 6 months now! It all started back in Aj’s garden shed when he and I (Sean) started jamming in the summer of 2014. We’d known each other for several years, having played in various bands in the local scene since we were 16! We instantly seemed to have a great musical understanding, despite the incredibly broad range of musical tastes! The rest is history!


SM: This year you have had a few changes, including a new member and a rebrand, can you tell us more about this?

FK: It got to a stage where our it became obvious to us that our old name (which is a quote from The Office) seemed to be holding us back and it wasn’t representative of our music – people were expecting us to be a mariachi band haha! We all sat down and made a conscious decision to progress the band, so the name change coincided with the addition of Krish Patel on guitar, and so far both decisions seem to be paying off!


SM: Where did the new name come from?

FK: We took the Bowie approach and just wrote down any word that came to mind. After several hours and hilarious combinations, we opted for Future Kings as we felt the vibe of the name reflected our musical style and mirrored our ambition as a band!


SM: How have your fans reacted to the change?

FK: We’ve had nothing but good feedback! The industry is taking us more seriously with the name change, as they know what to expect more than before. The addition of Krish on guitar has elevated our existing songs to the next level and brought a whole new musical dynamic to our set! The only issue with Krish is that he’s too damn stylish and is making us look like bums!


SM: How do you feel that your sound has progressed through this transition?

FK: I think we’ve matured a lot more as a band. We’re approaching the lyrical aspect with a fresh sense of honesty more so than before; which can be a bit daunting when singing on stage and releasing music, but I think our fans (and music fans in general) empathize with the sincerity of the song, and it makes for a more enjoyable experience for us as well as them!


SM: You released a brand new single, Seventeen, recently – what was the reaction like to that track?

FK: The reaction has been great! We’d been sat on the single for a long time so it feels great to finally have it out in the ether and hearing everyone’s kind feedback about it so far! After our first ever practice with Krish, we decided that we instantly needed to head back to the studio to record his lead part over the existing track, and we can’t imagine the song without it now! You can check out the video on YouTube and the song’s online through all major digital platforms! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2vljsIM-zo)


SM: What have you got in the pipeline regarding new tracks and live dates?

FK: We’re currently writing several new songs at the moment, which we can’t wait to show you guys! The plan is to record an EP in 2018 and get out on the road as much as possible! Our next gig is at TANK in Gloucester; it’s been so long since we’ve played a real hometown show for us, so it’s one that we’re really looking forward to! (Friday 8th December, Tank – Gloucester, Free Entry)


SM: What influences you guys musically and lyrically?

FK: We’ve always approached the band with a sense of freedom from typical genre rules; we try and write songs that we like rather than sticking with a specific genre, which is reflected in our influences! I’d like to think our music has elements of RHCP, Bloc Party and Foals, with some dashes of Arctic Monkeys, Led Zepplin and Thin Lizzy amongst others. We once got described as a cross between The Maccabees and Iron Maiden, so make of that what you will… haha!


SM: What other emerging bands are you guys listening to and would recommend?

FK: There are so many local bands doing some great things at the moment! Elessar are one of the hardest working bands out there, they put so much work into their music and touring tirelessly, it’s probably why their bassist looks homeless. All Ears Avow are another really hard working band and are one of the tightest bands around at the moment! Definitely worth checking those two out!


Hell From Your Hello : YVES : SINGLE REVIEW

_DSC9788.JPGLet’s face it, every time YVES put out a new track it blows my mind, and with each track comes a significant progression in their sound as they lay a solid foundation to build themselves as artists – and the latest offering, ‘Hell From Your Hello,’ certainly doesn’t fall short of the mark.

It has that surge of energy that Yves have embedded in their tracks, but it’s also filled with grit and attitude. It’s urgent at times while also being laidback and cool too. ‘Hell From Your Hello’ showcases how tight and dynamic they are as a band, you can feel it throughout the track.

With an atmospheric intro, it boasts guitar that carries a stunning melodic feel which dances over the track as the sound builds becoming more and more powerful. Think the power of the likes of Kasabian paired with the energy and vigour of The Amazons – this is a track that will definitely shine live. A fuller sound bursts through with intent to have impact as the pace twists throughout too, keeping you engaged and keeping the track exciting to listen to. You can really hear the passion behind the vocals that have you hanging on every word. Sounding effortless but again, laced with a certain grit. And of course it has a huge Yves-esque chorus – it’s catchy and it’s energetic. Something they are evidently great at is writing killer choruses. The energy pulls back to leave us with almost isolated and haunting vocals before hitting you with an invigorating guitar solo before a powerful ending.

It places Yves at the forefront of almost a new era of indie rock that is saturated with a grungy tint, bridging the gap between heavier guitar tracks and modern day indie-pop-rock. I feel like their sound, as a whole, is unique and extremely exciting. I think this track is sick, and I think that Yves are sick. I literally can’t criticise this in the slightest.

HAPPY ACCIDENTS Announce New Album ‘Everything But The Here And Now’ Released 16th February 2018 via Alcopop! Records


HAPPY ACCIDENTS Announce New Album Everything But The Here And Now Released 16th February 2018 via Alcopop! Records.

London indie-punk trio Happy Accidents are pleased to announce their return with their second album Everything But The Here And Now set for release on 16th February 2018 via Alcopop! Records.

Further info + live dates TBA.

Everything But The Here And Now is released 16th February 2018

‘Wait it Out’ and ‘A Better Plan’ Out Now Via All Good Digital Retailers



HARKER release new single ‘300 Cigarettes’ and announce debut album details


Brighton indie-punks Harker are delighted to announce their debut album No Discordance’ which is set for release on Friday 9th February 2018.  To celebrate, the band are streaming a new track titled ‘300 Cigarettes’ 

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/harker-543590038/300-cigarettes-1/s-rOaMK​

With 10 tracks of valve-busting punk rock, No Discordance is the result of months of hard work and an exhaustive journey to create what is a true mission-statement of an album. “No Discordance is a beast. We’ve thrown everything at it. It’s been the most difficult, but rewarding work we’ve done,”explains vocalist/guitarist, Mark Boniface.

To celebrate the news Harker have shared ‘300 Cigarettes’ an entirely new song and the lead single from their upcoming album. Infectious and poppy, the track pays homage to the sweet tasting early pop-punk of bands like Saves The Day, Bouncing Souls and The Get Up Kids.

catch Harker on tour in the UK later this month and in early December with Southampton’s Miss Vincent:

30 Nov – Subside, Birmingham
1 Dec – Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle
2 Dec – Single Shot Records, Leeds
2 Dec – Alma Inn, Bolton
3 Dec – Joiners, Southampton


COLD YEARS Announce New EP Northern Blue Set For Release 2nd March 2018


Aberdeen, Scotland-based rock band COLD YEARS are pleased to announce they will return next year with a brand new EP titled Northern Blue set for release on 2nd March 2018.

To celebrate the news, they’re sharing new single ‘Miss You To Death’ which is released digitally on 8th December 2017, but available to stream now here: https://soundcloud.com/coldyears/miss-you-to-death

The band are currently out on the road on a UK tour with friends DEARISTuntil the end of this month (see below for details) for their last live appearances of 2017.

Live Review : Ducking Punches : Surya, London : 17/11/17

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It is a casual and chilly winter Friday night and I’m at one of my usual venues, Surya.

After I make my way inside the venue, I’m notify that the first band the first band had some gear problems so they make everyone wait longer before the show starts. Finally, after about an hour, the show begins.

The first artist on stage is “Neil Brophy” a British musician that now lives in Copenhagen. His set is quite an intimate one since there are just a couple of people to enjoy it. This guy is brilliant; he plays acoustic guitar, sing and plays harmonic too. His music is pleasant to hear and gets people involved.

After a tiny break the second artist is on stage. He is “We Bless this Mess” a guy from Porto, Portugal and his music it is a mix of Acoustic / Folk / Punk / Rock. He is a young and smiley and has a huge passion for music that is able to transmit to everyone that is listening. Even if he is on stage by himslef, he has the energy of a group of people. I’m a very surprised because they decide to put on a completely acoustic show for the night. It is a new thing for me but I think makes the atmosphere so much intimate.

By the time of the last artist the room is full. He is the lead singer from the “Duncking Punches”, a Punk Rock band from Norwich. The band have played almost 1,000 shows and their songs are about love, death, friendship and mental illness. He starts with a joke about saying that he will play just My Chemical Romance cover, so everyone looks at him for a moment and then starts to laugh. From this moment on they are singing together with him. I can already see that he is a guy up for a laugh and that everyone loves him. He plays couple of old songs so that everyone and then, by saying that the band will realise a new album in February next years, he plays three new songs with everyone that knows that these songs will become part of their life too.

All I can say it’s that it was a lovely evening.



Lightcliffe share new single Drapes ahead of Friday’s EP release


Lightcliffe are a bittersweet emo/indie-rock band hailing, unsurprisingly, from London. Forming at the tail end of 2016, Lightcliffe haven’t had many years to craft their own vibe yet here we are. Following on from 2017’s Mistakes I Seem To Make, Lightcliffe are proud to present to you their Failure By Design Records debut. For A While is a 5-track EP full of romantic indie rock songs. Singles like Staring At Your Bedroom Floor standout as notable bangers, reminiscent of the first time you heard Turn On The Bright Lights in full and felt oh so comfortable.

‘For A While’ is released on tape via Failure By Design Records on November 24th.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5oZ7ybww71xk2MzuM7kCSH

Tape pre-orders:

Lightcliffe on Facebook: